Whatever I Feel Like Writing

You know that feeling you get of being invisible? Even though people look at you, greet you, or ask if you are hungry, it’s like they don’t really see you. They don’t see you, they just see somebody else in the room. And you feel like a ghost, like a grey presence that won’t be missed if vanished.

There are these days when this feeling of invisibility comes with total strenght. It makes you starved for attention. Starved for a hug or a lap to lay your head down on. It’s not a matter of wanting, you need it. You need a smile, you need a call, you need an invitation for a movie, you need to know that somebody wants your company, because you’re worth the time. But it doesn’t happen.

As naturally as you can imagine, this ignorance makes your whole body hurts and you drown yourself in bittersweet…

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