Turn me on.

Whatever I Feel Like Writing

Invite me in. Make me a cup of tea, or coffee, I don’t really mind. Take a seat next to mine and just talk. Talk randomly. Maybe compliment my eyes. Let time pass without wondering what hour the clock is showing. If the talk comes to an end, do not make an effort to reborn the subject. Just shut your lips and be. Just be, in the most literal meaning of the word. Be with me.

The loud waves of thoughts become a distant, ignoble noise. Share silence. Let our heartbeats and our deep breaths be the only sounds in the room. You don’t need to touch me, neither do I need to touch you. Shall we feel the moment as it is. Simple, silent, profound. Let your whole body surround to this moment. Until it’s gone.

Then, and only then, crush your bones against mine.

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